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Language Genie is a self-publishing firm, dealing with bilingual children´s books written and illustrated by Brigitte Gregory and established in August 2012.

Brigitte Gregory has lived for over 30 years in a bilingual household, including many years in Great Britain. For more than 25 years she has taught, with great success, German as a foreign language and English as second or third language to primary and secondary school children of various school forms in Lower Saxony, Germany, including the English Language Annex in Hannover before it became the International School. She introduced English language courses in 3 different primary schools, while she gave numerous seminars and trainings for "Early Language Learning" to demonstrate her teaching methods. After illness forced her early retirement from school she decided to create a wide range of children´s books that allow children to learn by themselves after her teaching methods.

The narrators on the audio CDs are Brigitte Gregory, her husband Dr. Peter Gregory and her bilingual son David Gregory, who also prepared the CDs.   



Language Genie
Steinbergstr. 13


E-Mail: info@language-genius.com

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