On offer are bilingual turnaround books (English & German) in DIN A5 and DIN A3 (big book) with audio CD for primary school children.

The main aim is that children can learn the language independently, which is particularly important if the parents or grandparents are not fluent in the respective language or have little time to help their children.Therefore an audio CD, in which the text is read by native speakers, accompanies each book. This allows the children to listen and follow the story, while helping their pronunciation. Sound effects fitting the stories, plus a signal when to turn the page, stimulate the children to make reading and learning an entertaining experience and encourage them to learn independently. The decisive learn success lies in simultaneously hearing and seeing the text.

The DIN A5 format of the books with spiral binding are ideal for children´s hands, while the big books are specially suited for groups and classes, as well as for small children who like to look at books while lying on the floor.

The books are not intended as exercises in translation, but rather should be read through first in one language, then after turning over can be read in the other language. It may be better to try first the foreign language followed by the familiar language, but can also be read the otherway round. The main point is that the respective language is presented in a real and natural form, as if it was the first or mother tongue.


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